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I found Airparamo on the web when I was out in Phoenix on business. I had seen powered paragliding in Florida and wanted to try it so I contacted Mo Sheldon. Mo made my experience fun and gave me good training which I still rely on when I find myself in unfamiliar conditions. Mo did not push products on me and the wing and motor I did purchase from Mo performed exactly as Mo said they would. I highly recommend Airparamo to my friends in Chicago, especially in the winter when it's minus 10c and Phoenix is 70 degrees!
Scott C.
Lake Forest, Illinois

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Daily Flight Training focuses on finding areas where to improve and build experience and confidence. We will provide focused attention to where you need or want to improve on your own equipment, such as: ground handling; launch and landing techniques, flight technique; maintenance issues; working on flight emergency procedures; refining skill-sets of. We can work on specific skill-sets, such as spot landing, towing clinic, and other areas of improvement. Additional charges may apply to use Airparamo gear in connection to this training.

at $185 for third of a day (3 to 4 hours)
at $85 per hour
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