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I recently learned how to fly with Mo. He is focused and professional while instructing making sure you are SAFE and do not damage your equipment. Don't get caught up in other instructors boasting about how quick you can fly, that just means they want push to get you through so they can move on to the next paying student (I learned this the hard way). Mo takes whatever amount of time you might need as an individual, to safely get you flying. He makes sure you have the skills and confidence before you take each step. Before you know it you'll be in the air! What an incredible feeling it is!! Another dream realized.
Chris L.
Florence, Arizona

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The Discovery Flight with a PPG instructor is an excellent, hands on way to get a good understanding of what it is like to fly a powered paraglider. The flight will be on a PPG Trike or footlauch set up, depending on the choice the student makes, the conditions, and disgression of the instructor. Considering the conditions, your instructor can demostrate smooth take-off and landing techniques, smooth and strong turns, low flight manuevering, touch and goes, minor wing collapse (Big Ears), and a power off landing during the flight. Up to $100 of the Discovery Flight can be applied towards the PPG Solo Flight course.

We offer group discounts of three or more Discovery Flights. Please contact us to arrange group rates. Discovery Flights also make excellent gifts. Check out how to give Discovery Flights as Gift Certificates.

The best times to fly are 2 hours around sunrise or sunset since the air tends to be smoother and calmer during these times. Maximum weight of student passenger can not exceed 280 pounds.

20 Minute Discovery Flight

at $125, for 10 minutes
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at $165, for 20 minutes
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at $285, for 40 minutes
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