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We will not sell essential paramotor flight equipment (i.e. wings or motor units) to anyone until we have verified that they are current paramotor pilots or have arranged for instruction with a recognized instructor.

GRAZhopper Trike
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GRAZhopper Trike GRAZhopper Trike
GRAZhopper Trike GRAZhopper Trike
GRAZhopper Trike GRAZhopper Trike

Grazhopper 9.0.4 Owners Manual.pdf
PDF File - 360M

Grazhopper 9.0.4 Welcome.pdf
PDF File - 23M

Grazhopper 8.0 Owners Manual.pdf
PDF File - 62M

Grazhopper 8.0 Assembly Instructions.pdf
PDF File - 3.4M

Grazhopper Owners Manual 7.0.pdf
PDF File - 7.5M

GRAZhopper Data
Weight: 14.75 kg (32 lbs)
Seats: 1 - 2 people
Width: 82.5 (210 cm)
Length: 69" (176 cm)
"Simply the best trike for paramotoring!"

Light weight. Foldable. Super Strong. Roll Resistant. Single or tandem capable. Incredibly comfortable. Quality Materials. Quality Construction. Made in the USA. Universal Attachment System. Integrated Launch Assist System. Premium Wheels Standard. Competitve Pricing.

Below are a number of questions and answers about the Airparamo GRAZhopper Trike.

Question: How Does the GRAZhopper compare to the competition?
Answer: We built the GRAZHOPEPR to be the best wheel option a paramotor pilot can buy. With years of developing and prototyping, hundreds of hours flight testing in the most demanding conditions, the result is this amazing trike. Using sound aircraft engineering and design principles, computer aided design (CAD) and manufacturing, and the highest grade of aircraft, marine materials and hardware available, the GRAZhopper offer the paramotor pilot a lightweight, foldable, strong, roll resistant, tandem capable option. The characteristics of this trike are a simplicity in assemblage, light weight, compactness, quick and easy application of the paramotor onto the trike, low center of gravity, quality materials and construction, and easy transportation in even a small car. Made in the USA, and priced competitively, this is the trike that you can soar in.

Question: What is so great about the GRAZhopper design?
Answer: The design of the GRAZhopper is based on a 3-dimensional truss constructed of a framework of aircraft grade tubing and cables, making a rigid, strong structure that folds up easily. With this design, the pilot is literally wrapped in structure that protects them in case of an accident, hard landing, or a rollover. Additionally, the GRAZhopper is designed and built without any welds. To attach parts together, the GRAZhopper design uses strong, aircraft grade, mechanical connections. This offers a number of benefits: welding parts can weaken many alloys, particularly aluminum; dissimilar metals (such as steel, stainless steel, and aluminum) can be easily fastened with bolts, but may be impossible to join togther by welding; broken or damaged parts can be easily and quickly replaced at lower cost; following an aviation industry standard, where in most aircraft the majority of connections are mechanical, either with nuts and bolts or rivets instead of welding.

Question: I hear many trikes roll of flip easily. How does the GRAZhopper compare in rolling or flipping over?
Answer: The GRAZhopper employs a design that offers an extremely low center of gravity that is centered forward of the rear wheels. Also, the wheelbase is one of the widest and longest in the industry. Laslty, the smooth, wide, low pressure wheels add extra stability and allow the trike to literally slide under the wing. This translates into the GRAZhopprt being one of the most roll restiant options available for paramotors.

Question: Are 4 wheels quads better than 3 wheel trikes?
Answer: No. Certain manufacturers of quads claim the 4 wheels are more stable and less prone (some even claim impossible) to rollover. This is entirely myth. In fact, some quad designs roll over very easily since they have a high center of gravity with the weight distributed mostly on the rear wheels (these designs have extra optional attachments to add up to 6 wheels to couteract how easy they flip or roll over). The reality is that any extra wheels add only little in terms for rollability and they add extra weight and cost. Also, in rough terrain or deep sand the extra wheel on the front can make steering straight more difficult or impossible, where a trike would encounter little problems in the exact same situation. Ultimately, what makes for a stable, roll resistant trike or quad is a low center of gravity, a wide and long wheel base, the center of gravity set in the middle of the frame forward of the rear wheels, and smooth, wide wheels.

Additionally, there are unscupulous paramotor manufactures and instructors that advertise that instruction is easier on a quad than a trike and that a pilot can be fully trained in as little as 4 days. The reality is that the time length of instruction on a quad or trike is the same. Additionally, the reality to get a full instruction to a basic pilot proficiency level is around 7 to 10 days. This sport is more difficult than it may seem and it is easy to break your gear or yourself with improper or poor instruction.

Question: What is the Universal Mounting System?
Answer: The Universal Mounting System uses two unique, custom designed clamps that allows most paramotor units to be easily and securely mounted onto the GRAZhopper. Using finger knobs, the clamps can be tightened for safe attachment in a few moments.

Question: How does the weight compare to other trikes/quads?
Answer: The GRAZhopper is one of the lightest trikes available at only 32 pounds. Most other trikes or quads weigh more, most weighing double or more. Some trikes or quads weigh over three times more! A lighter trike translates to shorter take-off's and landings, more fuel economy, and easier transport. However, the weight savings in the GRAZhopper comes from a superior design and quality, light weight materials, which also happens to make it one of the strongest, toughest trikes available.

Question: How about foldability for transport or storage?
Answer: The Grazhopper quickly --in 1 to 5 minutes-- unfolds from a small package that fits in a small car into a ready to fly machine. And it folds up just as quickly. Many RVers love the instant portability of the GRAZhopper to fit into the lower compartments. Additionally, the GRAZhopper trike can be completely disassembled or assembled to base components in less than 1 hour using common wrenches. This is ideal when super portability is required such as for international air travel.

Question: What is the Wing Launch Assist System?
Answer: The Wing Launch Assist System uses a set of tabs, clamps and kevlar lines attached to the A risers to help pull up the wing. This is great for people with shoulder or back problems or are looking for an easier way to launch.

Question: What about construction?
Answer: The GRAZhopper employs a number of construction techniques that help to get a high level of quality throughout. First, the GRAZhopper was designed using state of the art Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Then only aircraft grade metals (including 6061-T6 aluminum or 4130 chrome alloy steel) and aircraft and marine grade hardware (AN bolts, nuts, washers) are used throughout. Most of the small connecting pieces are precision made on CNC machines to 1000th inch tolerances. The tubing is carefully cut, drilled and/or bent to insure parts have a perfect fit. Then these parts are treated to attractive, tough, scratch resistant, UV resistant powder coat finishes. The GRAZhopper is meticulously made and assembled in USA to our high standards of quality. What this means to you is a high quality product that will provide you years of enjoyment and won't let you down.

Question: Why does the GRAZhopper have such wide wheels?
Answer: After trying out dozens of types of wheels, we have found wide, smooth, low pressure tires offer the best capabilities for paramotors. Wide tires allow even, smooth rolling on many types of surfaces, including, soft, hard, bumpy, smooth, wet, and dry. Wide tires work well on just about any type of surface including sand, packed dirt, sharp rocks, asphalt, grass, and low brush. Smooth tires offer a really nice feature that act like castor wheels, allowing the wheels to slide under the wing, which helps to auto-correct when the wing is not centered overhead. The low pressure acts like a incredible suspension system, absorbing both big and little bumps with ease.

Question: Is the GRAZhopper tandem capable?
Answer: Absolutely. The GRAZhopper was designed from the ground up to be an excellent tandem or single trike. And the configuration from one to the other is simple: just add or remove the second harness and change the wing attachment points (moving it forward or back about 4 inches). The Airparamo GRAZhopper Trike can be easily and comfortably flown and transformed into single and tandem versions in a few minutes time.

Question: Does it come with an owners manual?
Answer: Yes. We have prepared a very detailed GRAZhopper Owners Manual that is a available online and free to downlad. Be forewarned: the PDF file is huge, packed fullof phots and diaframs at 7.5M.

Question: This all sounds great. How much does it cost?
Answer: The cost is $1950. This is extremely competitive for this type of quality. We have the GRAZhopper in stock, ready to send you right away.

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