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Below is a selection of testimonials from clients of Airparamo and flight instructor Mo Sheldon. Please feel free to contact Airparamo for a list of contact details of the pilots we have instructed. If you are planning to get flying in a paramotor, we recommend that you personally talk with our former students to get a more accurate idea of instruction and equipment choices, and to help you make more informed decisions.

Kerry Solo
Kerry Solo
Fantastic experience! Mo is knowledgeable in all aspects of paramotor and a patient & thorough instructor. I left with a new sport and a new friend. If you want to fly a paramotor see Mo!
Jim G.
Tucson, Arizona

To celebrate a past anniversary one of my gifts to my beloved was a spectacular sunset flight with Captain Mo the pilot and his ground Crew Chief Rosa The Flying Dog. This was right after the annual Flying Circus event so there was still a number of flyers in the air, taking off and landing. It was a fun, exciting and memorable experience. If you are into or curious about flying do not pass on this!
Mike C.
Phoenix, Arizona

I went on a Discovery Flight and it was a blast!! I would highly recommend it! We flew low over some fields, skimmed over the desert, around trees, and then up and over a beautiful mountain at over 400'.
Riggs R.
Phoenix, Arizona

The Discovery Flight light is awe inspiring. As a fixed wing commercial pilot I am used to more speed and less maneuverability. Paramotors can operate lower and slower than any regular airplane. This is flying like you have dreamed of landscape is alive in 3D, high definition unlike the featureless landscape seen at higher altitudes. You will smell the desert feel the wind on your face sense the change in temperature as you move between air masses.
Mo is a full time professional, a rarity in this business. He has 15 plus years experience.
David B.
Phoenix, Arizona

Mo is a knowledgeable, patient instructor. I've been flying foot launch paramotor for a year now thanks to the great training I received from Mo. He took the time to discuss my flying goals and anticipated style and set me up with the right motor and wing to make it happen. Thanks Mo!
Josh L.

Airparamo is one of the oldest full time paramotor schools in the US. I trained with Mo while transitioning to trike and found him very helpful.
Joe O.

As a long time GA pilot, I was looking for an experienced and professional paramotor instructor. Mo is just that, but with a fun and low key style. He has opened a wonderful new world in aviation for me -- highly recommend.
Larry B.
Sedona, Arizona

Having been in the powered paragliding community for more than 13 years, I can say without reservation that Mo Sheldon is one of the good guys in the sport. He's a man of his word and because of that and his hard work and dedication has earned a great reputation as an instructor and dealer.
Jim K.
Austin, Texas

Mo Sheldon is professional and safety is top priority but still likes to have fun showing his clients why this is the best way to fly like a bird.
Bill M.
Phoenix, Arizona

I purchased equipment and training from Airparamo and the experience was excellent. The professionalism was there and yet the experience was fun!!!!! If you are going to get training and fly, this is the place to go. I checked out company's from Utah to California and Mo was by far the best. I am also a pilot of 40 years, so safety was very important. Mo is right on target in making sure no one gets hurt.
John and Mary M.
Prescott, Arizona

Airparamo - really gives you a different view of the world. Exhilarating! Terrific!
Shelley G.
Maricopa, Arizona

Mo has without a doubt the best trike on the market. Strong, lightweight, easy setup. Have owned three of these and have only sold them to upgrade to a newer model. Keep up the good work Mo!
Thomas P.
Aurora, Colorado

I went to the Casa Grande Airport fly-in and sat in on one of the multiple classes offered there. I had just settled into a chair and Mo Sheldon walked in wearing a motor on his back that had a propeller attached. Mo told us about this wonderful way to fly using a fabric wing and a motor. I thought it sounded really fun. Soon I was learning (through the expert instruction from Mo) how to control the wing, and now I am flying as often as I can. It is great fun. It is exciting. It is safe (because I was taught by Mo, who is patient, knowledgeable, and loves his work and loves to teach.)
Stan V.
Tucson, Arizona

Trotting along your whole body gently lifts into the air. Suddenly, you are weightless as a bird. Wake up! Are you dreaming? No. Although, humans have dreamed of flying like a bird since the dawn of time. Sure, airplanes offer great views, but you don't experience flight like a bird. Birds glide in the air currents absorbed by the intimacy and beauty of the landscape. With the expert help of Mo Sheldon at Airparamo, you can join the few who fly like birds. Memories of a lifetime are guaranteed!
Duane S.
Gold Canyon, Arizona

Great instructor! Mo's calm demeaner and dry sense of humor made learning to fly a comfortable experience. His years of flying and outstanding skills show in his instruction. Mo will work with you well past your first solo flight until he feels you can be a safe pilot. Thanks!
Jim G.
Tucson, Arizona

Mo is one of the most helpful dealers out there. Not only does he sell quality equipment, but his service is top notch.
Robert A.
San Antonio, Texas

Mo is the man! Instruction was thorough but to the point. No question went unanswered and every answer was enlightening. He makes sure you are proficient with ground handling and kitting before going up for the first time. His teaching ability get the point thru the first time and without putting undue pressure on the student. Definitely would recommend as an instructor!
Luis-Dulce A.
Yuma, Arizona

I recently learned how to fly with Mo. He is focused and professional while instructing making sure you are SAFE and do not damage your equipment. Don't get caught up in other instructors boasting about how quick you can fly, that just means they want push to get you through so they can move on to the next paying student (I learned this the hard way). Mo takes whatever amount of time you might need as an individual, to safely get you flying. He makes sure you have the skills and confidence before you take each step. Before you know it you'll be in the air! What an incredible feeling it is!! Another dream realized.
Chris L.
Florence, Arizona

Heed Mo's warning before your Flight! You won't be able to get this experience out of your head. I flew with him 3 years ago and have now decided to purchase equipment from him and learn to fly.
Chris L.
Florence, Arizona

Flying with Mo was exhilarating and educational! Feeling the warm breeze while soaring above wildlife and rock formations at sunset was terrific!
Kathryn K.
Scottsdale, Arizona

Both my girlfriend and I had LOTS of fun, and I have both photos and videos that show it. Mo was great, and whatever friend he brought had my (previously) nervous girlfriend zipping around in no time.
David G.
Phoenix, Arizona

Mo is the best paragliding instructor in the United States. He takes his time to work with his clients and has a genuine passion for flight.
Bill G.
Mesa, Arizona

"Absolutely outstanding with old school integrity. A superb instructor, good businessman and a wonderful father. My personal experience is, you can't go wrong with this guy!
Grant M.

"I trained with Airparamo years ago. Whether you are looking to go on a once in a lifetime tandem flight, or training to fly yourself, Mo is a patient, enthusiastic, and highly experienced instructor. His honesty, and integrity is refreshing in an industry filled with BS.
Matt S.
Phoenix, Arizona

"Airparamo offers a top notch fun flying experience. They offer great equipment and expert in and out of the classroom training. Mo Sheldon is by far one of the best pilot/instructors I personally have had the privilege of working with.
Mike S.
Maricopa, Arizona

If you are looking into the world of paramotor flying then look no further than Airparamo. Mo Sheldon is one of the best instructors and pilots on the planet.
Rob C.

Love working with Mo, top notch customer service!
David R.
San Fransisco, California

My son Max and I had a great time. He's deployed now so contact is infrequent, but when we get the chance to talk we often reminisce about our time paramotoring in AZ. Thank you Mo for creating memories which will last a lifetime.
Eric C.

Mo is the man! Instruction was thorough but to the point. No question went unanswered and every answer was enlightening. He makes sure you are proficient with ground handling and kitting before going up for the first time. His teaching ability get the point thru the first time and without putting undue pressure on the student. Definitely would recommend as an instructor!
Luis A.
Yuma, Arizona

Mo is a true professional, patient and very responsive to everyones needs.
J. C.
Tucson, Arizona

The Discovery Flight was sensational fun. Addictive! Felt absolutely safe and enjoyed the feeling of freedom. Great views too. Good, knowledgeable pilot and his passion shows. Highly recommended.

Mo was wonderful! He tailored the Discovery Flights to fit the flyer's degree of adventure. He made it fun and exciting for the members of our party. He was very nice and friendly and answered all of our questions and just provided a very memorable event!

Mo Sheldon with Airparamo was so nice, fun and informative. He really made the time so much more enjoyable. I will be going back again and recommend anyone who has ever wanted to "fly" to do a Discovery more thing off my bucket list!

Take the longer Discovery Flight. You just get comfortable on the short flight and it's over. Spend the extra bucks and go long. Great experience!

Mo was an excellent host/pilot for my Discovery Flight. Definitely passionate about what he does and really enjoys taking people up for flights as well as instructing them on becoming pilots as well. I had purchased two Groupons, one for myself and one for my fiance... we both had a terrific time. Such a cool experience to see a little bit of Arizona from that perspective. The flight was smooth and relaxing and very enjoyable. Will definitely recommend to others!

Mo was very friendly and knowledgeable, wonderful views airborne on the Discovery Flight, great experience!

As for the Discovery Flight, be ready for a great experience!

Mo was great and took his time to explain everything. Schedule the Discovery Flight around sunset so you can enjoy it as you're flying around the desert sky.

Going to Airparamo was a great experience if you like flying I would definitely recommend giving them a try.

Thanks Airparamo for a great Discovery Flight experience and fantastic assistance with checking yet another adventure off my bucket list. :)

Great fun and good customer service.

Wonderful time. Of course we love his dog Roza, the flying dog, now as well. Probably do a longer Discovery Flight next time!

Absolutely loved the Discovery Flight!! A new experience I will never forget. I'm going back and my friends want to come with me. Mo is great!!! Highly recommend Airparamo!

My brother in law had time of his life on his Discovery Flight.

You feel safe with Mo on the Discovery Flight. And lots of fun.

Awesome Discovery Flight!!! Thank you :) Will definately recommend to others.

The Discovery Flight was a lot of fun and his dog Roza is amazing. I love her.

The Discovery Flight was a great experience. I really look forward to doing this again.

I had an excellent time on the the Discovery Flight and would go back again and again!

Mo is great at putting you at ease before the Discovery Flight, so fun. Thanks!
Debbie M.

The Discovery Flight was tons of fun, safe, and I recommend it!!
Haley H.

Mo was great.. it was a such a blast.. soar like a hawk.. lift your spirit.. what a beautiful night.. My Daughters and I will never forget the Discovery Flights!
Bob G.

Oh my Gosh! The Discovery Flight was AWESOME!!! Mo was great, what a patient interesting person he is! We will go back for sure, all my family loved it!
Olivia V.

Absolutely Fabulous! Would recommend the Discovery Flight to EVERYONE!!!!!
Soraya C.

Mo is awesome. What a great guy. I'm looking forward to going up with him again really soon.
Craig S.

Mo was fun and friendly, tho at all times safety conscious and reassuring.
John D.

The Discovery Flight was a great adventure.
Jean H.

Good times, very relaxing.
Tremayne L.

Mo was a wonderful instructor.
Nancy W.

Mo was great! We really enjoyed the Discovery Flight!!!
Kim D.

I know we only had a few short days to teach me about this incredable flying experience, but you have introduced me to an incredible sport. Continue the great work your doing and all the best.
Kit H.
Apache Junction, AZ

I wanted to thank you again for the absolutely superb job you did flying into our winter festival in a Santa outfit. It was absolutely amazing and the high point of the event. EVERYONE enjoyed it and I heard how it was the best arrival by Santa that they had ever seen! Even my husband was impressed! Thank you again.
Sandy B.
Maricopa, AZ

My instruction and purchase of equipment at Airparamo was a pleasant experience. I have been exposed to many flight instructors throughout my aviation career as a Navy fighter pilot and airline Captain and can easily say that Mo Sheldon is a very good instructor. I am 73 years old and Mo showed me he can get along with people of any age and background, which is a big plus for an instructor. He is very safety conscious and tries hard to insure that his students are given all the necessary information and required skills before he sends them on their first solo flight. He is not in a hurry to "get them out," but takes his time to make sure they are fully ready to fly on their own. Also, not only did I learn about the basics of flying a paramotor, but Mo was helpful in sharing his knowledge about maintenance of the equipment. Great instruction and good advice.
Herb H.

I have been flying three years now and I receive the same excellent service that I received in the beginning. Mo Sheldon has been there every step of the way. After having discussions with me Mo helped me select equipment that was right for me and my needs. I am not a mechanic and I do not want to be grounded waiting for parts to be shipped. Mo inventories spare parts and has the knowledge to make repairs and adjustments. Mo fits his instruction to your needs. His is not a one size fits all training process. Mo even recently arranged for and assisted in my free flight training.
Bill R.
Tempe, Arizona

Mo was very patient with us. My husband Danny was in a let's fly mode and I was in a let's take our time and learn every detail mode. Mo was able to accommodate both of us at the same time in our training without missing any details. We both feel our training was excellent and would highly recommend Mo Sheldon and Airparamo to ANYONE who is interested in paramotor.
Danny & Radonna R.
Apache Junction, Arizona

Just have to say that for the short time that I was with Mo Sheldon, his professionalism and knowledge of aviation and his sport simply astounded me. I went for my first solo with Mo and couldn't have been more relaxed. This was due to the fact that Mo somehow corrected my mistakes via radios before I even knew I was about to make them. Mo's training techniques show you how to deal with all situations and he really puts the hard concepts into lay man's terms so I can associate them with other familiar things in my life.
Charles K.
Chino Valley, Arizona

I must say that now I have flown a paramotor, I am in a lot of trouble. I feel like I've been given this huge dose of highly addictive drugs and I can't wait until I get my next fix. The feeling in the air is like nothing I've ever experienced before. I couldn't explain it to my wife or my closest friends. Call me a junkie, but I am now and forever addicted to this sport called powered paragliding. True Freedom is the closest thing that explains the feeling I have.
Charles K.
Chino Valley, Arizona

I've been flying GA aircraft for 14 years and have always wanted to truly fly like a bird. Paramotor is it! Mo is a very knowledgeable and skilled paramotor pilot and instructor. You can see that in his flying and communication skills. I decided to get into paramotor after a friend of mine got me interested. I signed up for an introductory Discovery Flight with Mo and that is all it took. Mo ordered my wing and got me going on ground handling/kiting skills right away. He got me in the air using his electric "Mo-Tow" machine to get a feel for the wing (what a great training tool). He explained the motor unit, how to assemble, how to maintain, what not to do and all the other necessary information. We did a hang test to make sure everything was right with the harness and motor before my solo flight. On my 4th training day, I soloed! I stayed in the air for 30 minutes or more just taking it all in. I must say, there is much more to this sport in terms of knowledge and skill than I first thought. Mo is a great instructor who's dedicated to the utmost in professionalism and fun.
Adam B.
Phoenix, Arizona

Mo Sheldon was very patient with me as I researched the sport and he never put any pressure on me to buy. He worked with me to purchase a package that was a good fit both in equipment and financially. Mo has been a an excellent coach and friend. He taught me to fly like a bird and I will be forever grateful! The local PPG group AZPPG is a wonderful group of flyers.
Don M.
Prescott, Arizona

My experience with Airparamo was excellent. Mo's professionalism and attention to detail was outstanding. I recommend Airparamo without reservation.
Ronald B.

I found Airparamo thru searches on the internet as I contemplated a trip to the Phoenix area. Mo is a great instructor and I feel very comfortable with his guidance and help. I rely on him for advice and support and he is there and quick to respond even though miles away. I am very happy with his support of my equipment, which I bought new from him. Mo gave me the flying nickname "nutcracker" in ground handling training. I found humming the "Dance of the Reedpipes" from the Nutcracker Suite to be a helpful learning aid in practicing transitions from forward to reverse in a flowing manner while I was trying to get the hang of it. Mo tries to teach each student at their own proper pace. Mo won't push you too hard or make you feel uncomfortable, either. I highly recommend the "Airparamo Experience".
"Nutcracker" Ed M.
Detroit, Michigan

When I moved to AZ, I was interested in powered paragliding and began my search for an instructor. I found Airparamo on the web and immediately called Mo. When I first spoke with him, he was in the middle of a fly-in in California and yet he still spent almost 15 minutes of his time to talk to me about the sport. Since then I have purchased my training and all of my gear through him and currently fly as often as I can. Not only is Mo a fantastic and thorough instructor, but a good friend as well. If I were to do it all over again, there isn't one thing I would change!
Bill G.
Mesa, Arizona

What an Experience!! It took us 2 years to make the connection and Mo Sheldon made it all worthwhile. It was so thoughtful of him to taylor each Discovery Flight for each of us.
Elleen G.
Sun City, Arizona

I found Airparamo on the web when I was out in Phoenix on business. I had seen powered paragliding in Florida and wanted to try it so I contacted Mo Sheldon. Mo made my experience fun and gave me good training which I still rely on when I find myself in unfamiliar conditions. Mo did not push products on me and the wing and motor I did purchase from Mo performed exactly as Mo said they would. I highly recommend Airparamo to my friends in Chicago, especially in the winter when it's minus 10c and Phoenix is 70 degrees!
Scott C.
Lake Forest, Illinois

Outstanding... A good teacher and a good friend. Even after a year since I soloed, Mo still accomodates me and other students to make sure we all have the best experience in flying. Airparamo will definitely have all of my business.
John D.
Mesa, Arizona

Training with Mo Sheldon of AirParamo you will obtain the skills to become a safe and confident pilot. Airparamo's powered paragliding courses stress safety with fun, and the training facility located at Phoenix Regional Airport features an enormous grass field for instruction. As you progress through the sport, Mo is always helpful with ongoing training and equipment support. From kiting to soloing and beyond, AirParamo offers exceptional service.
Matt S.
Scottsdale, Arizona

Mo has the patience and the ability to adapt his training to accommodate the skill of his student. Mo was accommodating, comprehensive, and progressed as fast as my skills developed. My training was a little unusual and I was able to solo in 1 1/2 days. Airparamo is one of the few schools still willing to train on their own equipment.
Rob C.
Tampa, Florida

I needed a few items for a unit which I didn't even purchase or train with Airparamo. Mo bent over backwards to help me out! And bought me lunch afterwards! Mo spends time with you when you have questions, and is more than willing to make an effort to progress our flying community forward! He even delivered products to a close friend of mine at his work!!! Now that is service!! I enjoy Mo's company on a professional and friendly level and I feel anyone who does business with him will not only benefit from fantastic instructorship but gain a good friend!
Bob H.
Rocky Point, Mexico

Outstanding... Sums it up the best! Mo took all the time and patience I required when learning to fly paramotor because of my unique health situation. Mo did not push me to do anything until I felt ready to do it. Due to my physical size, it took me many, many months of kiting and ground work before that great day when I soloed at 378 pounds.
Daryl S.
Alturas, California

I am/was a difficult student, yet Mo patiently guided me to transition from 3 axis Ultralight to paramotor. When my motor unit experienced several problems, he stood by the product with warranty repairs. Excellent service!
Frank K.
Mesa, Arizona

I had a very positive training experience with Airparamo where the theory and practice were well balanced. Respect and enjoyment of the sport were well emphasized throughout my training. Mo's layed back yet professional and knowledgeable character made my experience with him and learning to fly a positive one.
Diego L.

I've been an Airline Transport Pilot and have over 7000 hours flight time. But nothing I've tried compares to the freedom I get flying paramotor. What a rush!!! Thanks a bunch for all the hard work and fun. You made mastering the paramotor a pleasure. I feel like I have a great foundation to build on. I had a great time while I was out there in Phoenix and we crammed a lot of work into 5 days. I wish I could have stayed longer to play, but some of us have to work for a living. Thanks again for everything.
Ross K.
Apex, North Carolina

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