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Airparamo and Mo Sheldon have been represented positively in the news dozens of times relating to PPG. Below is a sampling of some of this cool coverage.

When I moved to AZ, I was interested in powered paragliding and began my search for an instructor. I found Airparamo on the web and immediately called Mo. When I first spoke with him, he was in the middle of a fly-in in California and yet he still spent almost 15 minutes of his time to talk to me about the sport. Since then I have purchased my training and all of my gear through him and currently fly as often as I can. Not only is Mo a fantastic and thorough instructor, but a good friend as well. If I were to do it all over again, there isn't one thing I would change!
Bill G.
Mesa, Arizona

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  • Adventure in Maricopa: Powered Paragliding, by Shelley Gillespie. The Maricopa Communicator. June 15, 2006, Volume 10, Section 1, Page 8.
  • How We Spent Our 51st Wedding Anniversary, by Linda Obiala. Quail Creek Crossing News. March 2006. Volume 06, Number 3, Page 9.
  • Terminal Cancer Patient Takes Dream Flight, by Annie Boon. Daily News Sun. June 23, 2005. Page A3.
  • Adults can treat Dad to high-flying fun, or a simple movie night, by Susan Felt. Arizona Republic Newspaper. June 17, 2005.
  • Powered Paragliders Soar to New Heights of Freedom, by Robin Gallaher Branch. East Polk Ledger. April 23, 2005. Pages F1, F3.
  • Paramotoring Experts. Prescott Air Show News. October 4, 2004. Page 7.
  • The Power of Paragliding, by Sean L. McCarthy. Arizona Republic Newspaper. September 2, 2003. Pages B1, B2 of Local Section.
  • With a little training, ultralight pilots can soar, by Geri Koeppel. Arizona Tribune. June 23, 2003.
  • New Times. September, 2002

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  • Ultraflight Magazine.
  • Aerosports Connection Magazine.
  • Powered or Freeflight: Which to Learn First, by Mo Sheldon. Paraglider Magazine, April, 2004.

  • Powered Paragliding Special. KTVK Channel 3 Morning News. June 7, 2006, 6-8am.
  • Crazy Vehicles at the Big Boy Show. KTVK Channel 3 News. April 21, 2006, 8pm.
  • Freedom. Channel 12 News Feature. September, 2003.
    File Type: Real. Size: 11M. Length: 2:11 min. Pilots: Mo Sheldon, Bill R., Dennis G. Filmed At: PRA, Maricopa, Arizona.
  • Pat McMann Show. 2003.

  • Roy Beisswenger Ultraflight Radio Show. 11/22/05; 2/8/05.
  • Outdoor Arizona. 2004, 2003.
  • Powerered Paraglider Show. 1/12/06; 11/28/2005; 2/7/2005.

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