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Airparamo and Mo Sheldon have been represented positively in the news dozens of times relating to PPG. Below is a sampling of some of this cool coverage.

Trotting along your whole body gently lifts into the air. Suddenly, you are weightless as a bird. Wake up! Are you dreaming? No. Although, humans have dreamed of flying like a bird since the dawn of time. Sure, airplanes offer great views, but you don't experience flight like a bird. Birds glide in the air currents absorbed by the intimacy and beauty of the landscape. With the expert help of Mo Sheldon at Airparamo, you can join the few who fly like birds. Memories of a lifetime are guaranteed!
Duane S.
Gold Canyon, Arizona

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  • Adventure in Maricopa: Powered Paragliding, by Shelley Gillespie. The Maricopa Communicator. June 15, 2006, Volume 10, Section 1, Page 8.
  • How We Spent Our 51st Wedding Anniversary, by Linda Obiala. Quail Creek Crossing News. March 2006. Volume 06, Number 3, Page 9.
  • Terminal Cancer Patient Takes Dream Flight, by Annie Boon. Daily News Sun. June 23, 2005. Page A3.
  • Adults can treat Dad to high-flying fun, or a simple movie night, by Susan Felt. Arizona Republic Newspaper. June 17, 2005.
  • Powered Paragliders Soar to New Heights of Freedom, by Robin Gallaher Branch. East Polk Ledger. April 23, 2005. Pages F1, F3.
  • Paramotoring Experts. Prescott Air Show News. October 4, 2004. Page 7.
  • The Power of Paragliding, by Sean L. McCarthy. Arizona Republic Newspaper. September 2, 2003. Pages B1, B2 of Local Section.
  • With a little training, ultralight pilots can soar, by Geri Koeppel. Arizona Tribune. June 23, 2003.
  • New Times. September, 2002

  • Powered Paragliders Take to the Sky. Arizona Highways. June 2005. Page 5.
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  • Ultraflight Magazine.
  • Aerosports Connection Magazine.
  • Powered or Freeflight: Which to Learn First, by Mo Sheldon. Paraglider Magazine, April, 2004.

  • Powered Paragliding Special. KTVK Channel 3 Morning News. June 7, 2006, 6-8am.
  • Crazy Vehicles at the Big Boy Show. KTVK Channel 3 News. April 21, 2006, 8pm.
  • Freedom. Channel 12 News Feature. September, 2003.
    File Type: Real. Size: 11M. Length: 2:11 min. Pilots: Mo Sheldon, Bill R., Dennis G. Filmed At: PRA, Maricopa, Arizona.
  • Pat McMann Show. 2003.

  • Roy Beisswenger Ultraflight Radio Show. 11/22/05; 2/8/05.
  • Outdoor Arizona. 2004, 2003.
  • Powerered Paraglider Show. 1/12/06; 11/28/2005; 2/7/2005.

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