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Heading for the Sun
Heading for the Sun
Visit the Flying Sites page to see the recommended places to train and fly from.

Here are a few interesting PPG related websites:

  • AZPPG - Arizona Powered Paragliding, a cactus-roots club dedicated to PPG in Arizona - for more information.

  • Mo's Cool PPG Pics and Stories - An online diary by Mo of several years' worth of flying adventures. Lots and lots of pictures. And some video as well.

    Here are links found throughout this website or of general interest:

    Having been in the powered paragliding community for more than 13 years, I can say without reservation that Mo Sheldon is one of the good guys in the sport. He's a man of his word and because of that and his hard work and dedication has earned a great reputation as an instructor and dealer.
    Jim K.
    Austin, Texas

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