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Jim Solo Flight
Jim Solo Flight
Located near Phoenix, Arizona, Airparamo offers full-time PPG training, sales, and service all year round to suit your schedule. Airparamo's professional PPG instructor and owner, Mo Sheldon, is recognized as one of the most widely respected pilots and instructors in the world. Mo Sheldon has been fllying paramotors since 1998 and teaching since 2001. He has instructed many pilots achieve their dreams of flight in a fun, safe, and challenging learning enviroment. He is certified as an Advanced Flight Instructor (AFI) through Aero Sports Connection (ASC) association, the largest Ultralight association in the US, and a rated PPG Flight Instructor from USPPA. Mo Sheldon also is a certified USHPA Tow Equipment Operator (Tow Tech). Mo Sheldon has been voted as PPG wing Director for ASC since 2002. Airparamo has years of experience successfully helping people achieve their dreams of flight and offers state-of-the-art training equipment and techniques at a number of large, open flying sites around the Phoenix metro area.

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Airparamo HQ
Mission Statement
To support the Arizona Powered Paragliding community by:
  • Providing complete training for new and existing pilots with an emphasis on safety and fun.
  • Offering high quality PPG equipment and accessories.
  • Exceptional service of PPG equipment.

    Located just south of Phoenix Arizona, we have a 1800 square foot, world class facility, with a class area, kitchen, bathroom, repair area, and racks of spare parts. Located right next to a huge flying field at a private airport (Phoenix Regional Airport, A39). This is a dream location to learn to fly with a huge, smooth field, clear of power lines or fences within a 1/2 mile, and incredible opportunities for gorgeous, short cross country flights.

    My instruction and purchase of equipment at Airparamo was a pleasant experience. I have been exposed to many flight instructors throughout my aviation career as a Navy fighter pilot and airline Captain and can easily say that Mo Sheldon is a very good instructor. I am 73 years old and Mo showed me he can get along with people of any age and background, which is a big plus for an instructor. He is very safety conscious and tries hard to insure that his students are given all the necessary information and required skills before he sends them on their first solo flight. He is not in a hurry to "get them out," but takes his time to make sure they are fully ready to fly on their own. Also, not only did I learn about the basics of flying a PPG, but Mo was helpful in sharing his knowledge about maintenance of the equipment. Great instruction and good advice.
    Herb H.

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    Airparamo offers the PPG flying community a complete line-up of services. Airparamo either provides or have partnered with specialists to provide the following services:

  • Full-time Training for footlaunched and trike PPG's to suit your schedule.
  • Tandem Discovery Flights
  • Tow training using state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies.
  • Sales of PPG equipment and accessories.
  • Canopy checks (porosity test) and repairs on paragliders, parachutes and kites.
  • Line checks (line stretch test) and line replacements.
  • Paramotor overhauls and tune-ups.
  • Spare parts and accessories for many brands of paramotor engines.
  • Flight instrument inspections, calibration and repairs.
  • Propeller repairs.
  • Logo and lettering on canopies.
  • Reserve repacking.
  • Instructor certification and training.

    Please contact us for current pricing and specials.

    Scooter Mo
    Scooter Mo
    Who's Mo Sheldon?
    Airparamo was founded and is operated by Mo Sheldon (also known as Maurice Sheldon). Mo started with PPG's many moons ago in March of 1998. He has accumulated thousands of flights on PPG's. Mo has trained numerous pilots to fly PPG over the years. Mo ranked 3rd in 2003 the USPPA national competitions among some of the world's best pilots. Mo earned an Advanced Flight Instructor (AFI) certification in 2003 from Aero Sports Connection (ASC), an organization dedication to promoting ultralights. He earned a Flight Instructor rating from the USPPA in 2005. In 2006 he became a certified USHPA Tow Equipment Operator (Tow Tech). Mo was voted as PPG Wing Director in ASC in 2002 and continues to hold this role. He founded and helped to organize AZPPG, Arizona Powered Paragliding, a local association dedicated to PPG in Arizona. Lastly, visit his outdated personal PPG website -- Mo's Cool PPG Pic's and Stories.

    Mo Spread Eagle
    Mo Spread Eagle
    Prior to starting Airparamo, Mo was a computer programmer/manager in Internet related technologies for about 7 years. He also taught college level computer internet courses at the University of Phoenix and University of Missouri. Prior to that he worked as an Architect intern for a few years. He holds a Masters Degree in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis and his Bachelors from University of Rochester.

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