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Safety Notice
PPG requires significant training. We will not sell essential PPG flight equipment (i.e. wings or motor units) to anyone until we have verified that they have arranged for training with a recognized instructor.

Jim Solo
Jim Solo
Located near Phoenix, Arizona, Airparamo offers PPG training all year round (except holidays). Our professional instructor is certified through ASC (Aero Sports Connection) association and USPPA, and our school has years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment for your pleasant and safe training.

Training Options
Airparamo offers different training programs for new pilots who want to learn this exciting form of personal flight. These training programs are divided into the following consecutive courses:
  • Discovery Flights
  • Solo Flight Training
  • Daily Flight Training
  • Instructor Training

    My instruction and purchase of equipment at Airparamo was a pleasant experience. I have been exposed to many flight instructors throughout my aviation career as a Navy fighter pilot and airline Captain and can easily say that Mo Sheldon is a very good instructor. I am 73 years old and Mo showed me he can get along with people of any age and background, which is a big plus for an instructor. He is very safety conscious and tries hard to insure that his students are given all the necessary information and required skills before he sends them on their first solo flight. He is not in a hurry to "get them out," but takes his time to make sure they are fully ready to fly on their own. Also, not only did I learn about the basics of flying a PPG, but Mo was helpful in sharing his knowledge about maintenance of the equipment. Great instruction and good advice.
    Herb H.

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    Flying and Training Sites
    Airparamo conducts its training from huge, grassy, open fields at a number of flying sites around the Phoenix area.

    How to Enroll
    To enroll in any of the training, please contact us. We require all students to sign a release of liability waiver prior to starting training.

    What to Wear and Bring
    Long pants (even in summer), shoes or hiking boots with ankle protection, sun block, and one gallon of drinking water, work gloves, sunglasses, and a camera if you like. Spectators, photographers, friends and family are always welcome.

    Occasionally the weather will not cooperate and we must cancel or postpone a class. If this happens, we will issue a "wind check" to come back and finish the class another day. No refunds can be issued after the class starts.
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