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We will not sell essential paramotor flight equipment (i.e. wings or motor units) to anyone until we have verified that they are current paramotor pilots or have arranged for instruction with a recognized instructor.

Motown 2nd Annual Fly-In
Saturday, November 17, 2007

Well, it's been a year and we are doing it again: a Motown Fly-In on Saturday, November 17, 2007. All aviation enthusiasts, family, and friends welcome for this all day, relaxed event. Bring your family, pets, friends, guns (there is a shooting range on site), and of course, anything that flies. Also, you are welcome to camp out on Friday and/or Saturday nights. Music, food and drinks will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own. New for this year is a working restroom (amazing!).

Motown is an incredible haven for flying. You can either fly in or drive in. We have a huge PPG launch area and 2 hard packed silky smooth dirt runways. The EW runway is 2700 long and 65 wide! Surrounded by pristine desert mountains and incredible wildlife, this 80 acre haven is ideal for Ultralight, LSA, and GA flying. Located just 30 miles to the South East of Phoenix, this site can be difficult to find and drive to. But the rewards of finding and flying here far out weigh the adventure of getting there.

For more info please call Mo Sheldon at 602-692-7995.

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Ranch Looking SE
Motown Looking SE

Ranch Looking E
Motown Looking E

Ranch Looking N
Motown Looking N

Ranch Looking NE
Motown Looking NE

Vekol Valley
Vekol Valley

Ranch Looking S
Motown Looking S
Motown Far View
Motown Far View
Motown Close View
Motown Close View

GPS Coordinates:
  • 32 55' 30.00"N
  • 112 15' 34.00"W

    Runway Details
    There are 2 hardpacked dirt runways and a taxiway to park aircraft. Buckets of sand are available as tie-downs. Park your aircraft in the taxiway on the NW side of the EW runway. Aircraft patterns are to the South or West. Please avoid flying over the NE area as there will be people shooting guns towards the NE hill.
  • The E-W runway is 2700' long by 65' wide.
  • The N-S Runway is 2000' long by 40' wide.

      Driving Directions to Motown:
      Approach from the N (Phoenix):
    1. Take I-10 East to Tucson.
    2. Exit at Queen Creek Rd., turn right (West)
    3. Go 16 miles on Queen Creek Rd. which becomes Maricopa Rd. Arrive in town of Maricopa.
    4. Turn Right (North) on Hwy 238/Smith Enkie Road towards the town of Mobile.
    5. Drive 11.5 miles and after mile marker 33, turn left (South) on 83rd Ave.
    6. At this point, you are exactly 11.8 miles driving from the site. Cross the railroad tracks. The road becomes a gravel road for about 1.4 miles and then becomes a dirt road.
    7. Drive about 3.4 miles and turn right (West) on Schumacher Lane, also a dirt road.
    8. Drive about 2.0 miles. Immediately after crossing the cow guard, follow the main road turning left (South) which is 99th Ave, also a dirt road.
    9. Drive about 2.0 miles until you see a one room, old, dilapidated, stone structure of a small rock house on your right. Turn left (south) on 99th Ave which is down the small, thin dirt road.
    10. You are now 4.4 miles from the site. This remaining section of thin dirt road is very desolate and remote. You will pass two gates and get close to a mountain on your left (East) during the drive. Leave the gates as you found them (open or closed). Do not stop in the sandy areas, as you may get stuck.
    11. The site is a fenced area on your left (East) with a large structure on it. Enter the site from the main gate on the south side and head towards the building. Please park your vehicle in the parking area. The wide dirt stretches are active runways. Please tread lightly and drive only on designated roads.

    Some Rules
    We do have a few basic safety and courtesy rules that we ask you to follow at Motown: 1. Mind the active runways. I guarantee you won't like it too much to get hit by a plane.
    2. Cars allowed only in designated driveway and parking areas.
    3. No quads or dirt bikes. We have taken great pains to preserve the runways and roads from needless abuse. And we cherish the pristine quality of the landscape. Unfortunately, an afternoon of fun on a quad or a dirt bike leaves an open wound on the landscape that can last for years. As pilots, we see this damage from the air and for me, it is very unpleasant.
    4. If you want to bring a gun to shoot, be respectful of your trajectory and pick up your brass.
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