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2013 Arizona Flying Circus - Registration Is Up!

The 10th Annual Arizona Flying Circus will be happening February 15-17, 2013 at MoTown!
Well, it's been a year and we are doing it again! All aviation enthusiasts, family, and friends are welcome to attend and participate in this fun-filled, relaxing event. Bring your family, pets, friends, guns (there is a shooting range on site), and of course, anything that flys.

For more details please visit, the Arizona Flying Circus website, or call Mo Sheldon at 602-692-7995.

The Arizona Flying Circus is a volunteer effort guided by our love and passion of flight. We do this event year to year to celebrate our remaining freedoms, meet and reconnect with fellow birds of a feather, and gather at this breathtaking place. All proceeds collected from year to year go right back into making this event possible. Now in our 10th year, we welcome your generous donations to make this amazing event a reality once more.

This year we have some special events planned including a live band, fresh authentic Sonoran Mexican cuisine for the Saturday night banquet, the amazing bowling ball cannon, and a talent show of Western flare including whips and gun swinging. For the Saturday banquet bring your strangest costume.

You are welcome to camp out on Friday and/or Saturday nights, no hookups but trailers, RVs, motor coaches and tent camping are welcome and there's plenty of space for everyone. Please bring your own food and drinks, dinner will be provided with event registration fee on Saturday evening.

Motown Airport (5AZ6) is an incredible haven for flying. You can either fly in or drive in. We have a huge PPG launch area and a hard-packed silky smooth dirt runway 2700' long and 65' wide! Surrounded by pristine desert mountains and incredible wildlife, this 80 acre haven is ideal for Ultralight, LSA, and GA flying. Located just 30 miles to the South East of Phoenix, this site can be difficult to find and drive to. But the rewards of finding and flying here far out weigh the adventure of getting there.

For more details please visit, the Arizona Flying Circus website, or call Mo Sheldon at 602-692-7995.

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