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Airparamo New Year Newsletter

A special thanks to our you for your your email subscription and support of Airparamo. Here are a number of important, exciting and fun products and events that I thought you might want to know about:

++++ The 2009 Airparamo Calendars are incredible! ++++
This breathtaking calendar contains dozens of incredible PPG images, carefully chosen from over 1,000 photos taken in 2007 including Nicole bell, Robert Kittila, Adam Bell, Jeff Goin, Shelley Gillespie, Maria Ast Sheldon, and Mo Sheldon. Carefully designed and detailed, the 2008 Airparamo Calendar is of the highest quality, professionally printed on 11" by 17", double-sided, glossy, thick, 100 point card-stock in magazine resolution full color, and stitch-bounded. Includes important holidays and phases of the moon for all 2008 months. Also, a surprise PPG centerfold awaits your eyes. More details and ordering info at:

++++ The 6th Annual Arizona Flying Circus ++++
For it's 6th year running, AZPPG is hosting the 6th Annual Arizona Flying Circus, on February 6-8, 2009 at the legendary Francisco Grande Hotel and Golf Resort in Casa Grande, Arizona.

The pilot registration rates for the 6th Annual Arizona Flying Circus will be going up on the January 9th to $95.00 (from $75). Additionally, the Hotel room rate guarantee is only good up to January 9th. If you are thinking of attending, get registered and book your rooms NOW before the price increase. Don't miss this years premier PPG event in warm, sunny Arizona taking place February 6-8, 2009.

More info at:

++++ Great Video: Introduction to Flying Paramotors ++++
A new video with narration by Mo Sheldon, incredible footage, and stunning music on how to get started in this amazing form of personal flight.
View it here:

I want to wish you a happy new year filled with smooth air and incredible flights.

Mo Sheldon


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