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Safety Notice
We will not sell essential paramotor flight equipment (i.e. wings or motor units) to anyone until we have verified that they are current paramotor pilots or have arranged for instruction with a recognized instructor.

Useful Starter Links
  • Why Airparamo?
  • Flying Sites
  • Ak-Chin Regional Airport
  • Airparamo Instruction Manual
  • Release & Waiver Form
  • Sunrise & Sunset Times
  • Certificate of Ownership (PDF file)
  • This page is a launching pad to get started with this amazing adventure in personal flight. We look forward to seeing you for your first paramotor Discovery Flight or first instruction session!

    The Basics for Discovery Flights
    The Discovery Flight with a paramotor instructor is an excellent, hands on way to get a good understanding of what it is like to fly a powered paraglider. The flight will be on a paramotor trike or footlauch equipment, depending on the choice the student makes, the conditions, and disgression of the instructor.

    Introduction to Paramotors
    Considering the conditions, your instructor can demostrate smooth take-off and landing techniques, smooth and strong turns, low flight manuevering, touch and goes, minor wing collapse (Big Ears), and a power off landing during the flight. Up to $100 of the Discovery Flight can be applied towards the Paramotor Solo Flight course.

    The best times to fly are 2 hours around sunrise or sunset since the air tends to be smoother and calmer during these times. Maximum weight of student passenger can not exceed 280 pounds.

    For driving directions visit the flying sites page for details on the various sites we fly and instruct at.

    After Flying
    After Flying
    Dress comforatbly for the weather. You may want to bring a light wind breaker. Sunglasses are optional. Gloves are optional. You are welcome to bring a camera, but we recommend having it on a leash to prevent dropping it in flight. We will provide helmets with and intercom and hearing protection. We require all participants to sign a Release, Waiver, and Assumption of Risk Agreement.

    Group discounts of three or more Discovery Flights are available. Please contact us to arrange group rates. Discovery Flights also make excellent gifts. Check out how to give Discovery Flights as Gift Certificates.

    If you must cancel we require 24 hours notice or you will be charged for the lesson in full. Please bring your gift certificate (if applicable) as proof of purchase.

    First Solo Flight
    First Solo Flight
    The Basics for Instruction
    Dress comfortably for the weather conditions. Please wear hiking boots or something that will give you ankle support as you may be running along uneven ground. If you have a bicycle helmet you like the fit of, bring it; if not we have a several that you can choose from. You may also want to bring light weight gloves as the risers may irritate your hands. Some people even like to wear knee pads (like in roller blading) to protect your landing gear. Sunglasses are optional.

    Please bring lots of water (at least 1/2 gallon per person), sun protection (hats, sun block), and some high energy snacks like cliff bars and fruit. Most people are having too much fun to stop for a real lunch, but a snack or two is essential. We will be working hard!

    We suggest you familiarize yourself with the Airparamo Instruction Manual. Additionally we recommend you review the book The Powered Paragliding Bible and the video Risk & Reward.

    If you'd like, bring a friend to watch and take pictures, or just bring a camera and I'll try to take pictures of you. Get lots of rest the night before, the first day can be very tiring.

    We look forward to working with you to learn to paramotor! Please feel free to call with any questions.

    Mo Sheldon
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